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..."We were extremely pleased with the efficient way [Sandra Brostoff] handled our case. What had promised to be a long, drawn-out, messy battle, was brought to a swift and successful conclusion.
She has our respect and gratitude for the manner in which she handled this custody battle." Sincerely, DS

Areas of Practice


Divorce, separation and paternity are emotionally challenging on each individual. We offer a compassionate, structured environment where your fears and concerns are met in an understanding, resolution orientated manner; where a variety of resources can be made available to you; where your attorney listens and confers so that you understand the legal process.

Sandra N. Brostoff is cognizant of your needs, concerns and priorities. Together we can decide the best path to preserve your rights, legal, financial and parenting (including the needs of your children).

Ms. Brostoff, a certified divorce mediator, initially pursues a course of negotiation, hopefully reducing the angst and turmoil between the parents and reducing tensions between all family members; striving to provide an emotionally safe and consistent environment.

If negotiation fails, Ms. Brostoff, an aggressive litigator, is at all times prepared to zealously pursue your matter to trial.

Whether negotiated, mediated, or trial, your rights and needs are the primary basis of any settlement agreement or judgment.

Custody and Parenting

Custody and parenting agreements are essential to the welfare of the child and the "new family" structure. Though divorced the "new family", in most cases is a vital element in sustaining the child's emotional and psychological stability.

A negotiated parenting agreement determined by the parents provides the most effective method of insuring harmonious, long lasting, flexible and stable relationships for the child and parents. We can refer the appropriate facilitators, counselors, and mediators, available to help in the process.

Ms. Brostoff, a certified divorce mediator, mother and teacher has the knowledge, skills, and understanding to assist towards the realization and reduction of anger and resentment between parents which negatively affect the children and thwart reasonable solutions, and to provide alternative means of preserving "the family" where angst prevails.

If custody cannot be negotiated, Ms. Brostoff, an attorney for over 30 years, is an experienced and formidable litigator advocating for you and concerned with the best interest of your child.

Preserving your financial future

Your financial future is a paramount consideration in determining the allocation of marital assets, whenever possible. Sandra Brostoff is an attorney knowledgeable in the proper application of discovery tools and auxiliary professionals to assess and review property and resources as the issues require, including:

  1. child support/college expenses/health insurance/medical costs
  2. spousal support/alimony/maintenance
  3. business valuations
  4. debt distribution
  5. marital residence/other real property
  6. retirement accounts
  7. dissipation of assets

Whether your matter involves divorce, paternity, custody, child support, spousal support, division of marital assets, business evaluation, modifications of previous orders or judgments, Ms. Brostoff can resource accountants, actuaries, business evaluators, appraisers or other professionals to assess and value the marital estate.

Whether by mutual agreement or trial, Ms. Brostoff will work to reach the most favorable solution for you and preserve your legal rights.


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