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Welcome to the website of the Law Offices of Sandra N. Brostoff

Attorney and Counselor-at-Law, Concentrating in Family Law

Divorce, paternity and custody issues can present a devastating time to all concerned. Sandra N. Brostoff understands and appreciates the myriad of feelings which accompany the break-up of individuals or families. Ms. Brostoff is available to discuss your special needs and concerns and to assist in determining the most positive means to achieve them.

When children are involved, the issues are compounded. We recognize the optimal progress of the child(ren) is fostered by retaining "family harmony", prior to and after divorce, paternity, custody and other matters have been resolved, notwithstanding any angst existing between the parents.

Our goal is to use our best efforts to settle matters in a negotiated, stress-free and dignified manner. Not only does this foster a healthier environment for the parties and any children, it may ultimately reduce the costs attendant to the process as a whole.

However, if settlement by agreement is not possible, Ms. Brostoff, an attorney for over 30 years, is a formidable and tenacious advocate in court. Whether by mutual agreement or trial, Ms. Brostoff, will work to reach the most favorable solution for you and preserve your legal rights.

Whether your problem involves divorce, paternity, custody, child support, spousal support, division of marital assets, business evaluation, step-parent adoption, domestic violence, or other family law issues, Ms. Brostoff can make available appropriate resources, including referrals to counseling services so that the individual may weigh their decision and alternatives before filing an action or to assist in any family or individual problems.

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